Audrey loves to travel and take pictures, but she also loves photographing her ever-changing hometown, Atlanta. Whether at home or away, she’s constantly looking for unique and interesting subjects to photograph, and is particularly drawn to architecture, patterns, and landscapes, priding herself on sharing the beauty she finds in the ordinary. Audrey currently uses a Fujifilm mirrorless camera system, which she traded for her bulky DSLR, and couldn’t be happier with it. 
In addition to offering framed and unframed prints, notecards, and magnets, her signature style involves printing photographs on metal, drilling holes in the corners, and nailing them to cradled wooden frames using rustic tacks. The metal finish gives her photographs a vintage and timeless feel, highlighting the contrast of both color and black and white photos. The finished products are unique, some with iridescent qualities, that are ready to hang on your wall.