In early 2013, while planning her wedding, Laura Carrozza was inspired by a bag she saw on Pinterest. Having graduated with a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design, Laura knew she could recreate a similar product. A few days later, she went to social media to gather feedback regarding the new bag she made and to promote interest. After making the appropriate revisions, she posted the new version of the bag and the orders came rolling in. Laura quickly started gaining requests for an assortment of bags and shortly there after, Jersey Peach Designs was born.

Since then, Jersey Peach created a successful beach bag collection that has been sold in three different stores along the Eastern Seaboard, including online sales of over 300 beach bags. In order to expand the business and integrate new collections to my brand, she had to hire additional help with the construction of her bags, leaving her to handle marketing, production and sales while juggling a 9-5 desk job. With all the welcomed craziness, Laura is proud to continue to keep the production of JPD in Atlanta, GA.