It all started with the sale of a sewing machine in Rochester New York in 1979.

It’s how Keri McCulty’s parents met. They were small business owners throughout her life which laid the ground work for Kuiperly Bag Co.  The moment Keri realized she could turn a beautiful raw textile into something incredible she was sparked with the passion to share it with others.

Throughout life she challenged everything, you could call it stubborn… but she prefers to call it undefeatable. Making mistakes and challenging boundaries that make you uncomfortable is the way Keri operates and through that diversity found a place where she thrives as a small business owner, maker and creator. Kuiperly Bag Co was built to share the loveliest adventure accessories imagined and to inspire others to push the limits of life, to live mindfully, and to seek ultimate fulfillment through life’s adventures, whatever they may bring.

Sourced from the deepest parts of our solar system in the trans-Neptunian region of the Kuiper Belt, Kuiperly Bag Co.™️ aspires to face new frontiers in the purest spirit of adventure and mindfulness. Join us in keeping our imaginations strong, dreams outlived, and being prepared with the earthliest inspiring handmade bags and accessories.

Rocks and stones, and the territory unknown is Kuiperly Bag Co.