LiShinault (aka Lisa Shinault) creates story-like works of grace and beauty. After graduating from SCAD in Savannah, she came to Atlanta and worked for creative businesses painting and designing ceramic tile and decorative furniture. All along she made her own works, experimenting with techniques which ‘bloomed’ into medium to large-scale oil on canvas paintings of figures and animals… manipulated as if they were paper dolls, by cutting apart, then putting together again via sewing or other media. Her works have deep rooted symbolic themes, but mainly are about ‘rising above’ life’s difficulties. Many LiShinault paintings are now available as Giclée archival prints.

Her necklace pendants feature birds, flowers, or dramatic faces and more from selected detail prints of her art presented under lovely glass shapes. ‘Reverse glass collage’ paintings of abstracted whimsical characters made with paper, ribbon, glitter, and paint are formed on custom cut glass with a durable thickness, and presented in a protective frame. This untraditional medium continues to excite her in the studio as she freely applies her own ‘backwards painting’ vision.