A Mother-Daughter team.

Marvi Beauty is a skin and hair care company with 100% natural products crafted by hand in small batches. All our products are made from high quality ingredients that combine with essential antioxidants and vitamins found in nature to enhance and redefine beauty. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products, we test each one on our wonderful friends, family members and ourselves.

Some of our recipes have been passed down to us from past generations, i.e. Marvi Grow: Herbal Hair Oil, while experimenting with new materials and ideas helps us create others. Marvi means beauty redefined, which has become the heart and soul of our entire company. We are always working and redefining our products, making changes where necessary. Feedback, therefore, is always welcome!

Marvi Beauty was founded in 2014, but some of our products have been around way before then. Nissa, my mother and a cosmetologist with 30+ years of experience, realized that a lot of her clients, like her, were looking for natural products that dealt with hair loss, acne, and a wide range of other skin and hair issues. Utilizing her knowledge in cosmetology, alongside remedies and rituals from her Indian heritage, she began formulating hair and skin care products for some of her clients. Once clients started coming back to ask for more, raving about the results, we realized it was time to expand into the mainstream market. After completing my degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and working a few years as an Assistant Fashion Designer in NYC, I decided to move back home. Combined with my design and product development background, and my mother’s knowledge in beauty, Marvi Beauty was formed.

We create all of our own original recipes and packaging, and manufacture all products ourselves.