As a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Stacey Lawrence was formally introduced to the arts while studying interior design and art history. Before devoting her time to family and raising her three children, the Charleston, South Carolina native worked professionally for 8 years in Colorado as a home and photo stylist. Photography was her artistic recreational tool, until recently when she turned her attention to painting. Stacey’s abstracts define space by creating harmony between color, line and form.

‘I have always been sensitive to the art forms that surround me,’ says Stacey. ‘Visual stimulation is an essential for me, so naturally I thrive on creating. Orchestrating a composition is intuitive and captivating, it is what compels me as an artist.’

Artist Statement:
“I am a contemporary abstract painter.  My work is subjective, naive and intuitive. Self taught, I embrace my conviction while seeking my personal truth in the process of art making. My emotions are translated into imagery, that is often singularised and minimal in composition. I am intrigued by the juxtaposition of color, form and line and often gravitate toward contrasting the familiar with the abstract, offering a sense of security where vulnerability exists. Uninterested in conveying my work verbally, I paint what I cannot say with words. Opposed to describing,  I let it remain subjective, allowing viewers to gain their own perspective. The experience is personal.”