One man, two hands, no machines.

Evan Kellner’s father and grandfather instilled a love for working with his hands at a very young age. Helping his dad in his workshop, building, creating, that time was always a special opportunity to learn and of course be with him. Many years, many projects, and a few kids later he came across a passion for leather working completely by necessity. Needing a new leather wallet, and unable to justify the high cost of brand names, Evan set out to make his own, and did. Having done a better job than expected, and now having some tools, he’d like to share this passion for excellent craftsmanship with you.

Tannery South Leather Co. is about working hard and playing hard, having fun, and the simple things that make you happy. Evan strives for straight lines, memorable personal touches, and amazing customer service. His goal is passionate customers for life, nothing less.