Tiffany Stone has had a love of all things artistic since childhood when her mother used to take her on expeditions to art museums and performances.  She loved to go to her grandmother’s house and raid the activity cabinet designated hers, filled with crayons and markers and scissors and glue and all sorts of papers and textures.  After completing a BFA, she moved from Georgia to Vermont to run an art gallery and then to San Diego where she curated exhibitions for local female artists.  Taking her art background to a new level, she became a professional makeup artist before returning to her Southern roots and settling in Avondale Estates.  Her absolute favorite thing (besides hanging out with her equally artsy little girl) is being immersed in a solid craft project, from painting to embroidery to handmade jewelry to her latest project, upcycled jersey scarves, which are made from 100% cotton recycled t-shirts and dresses and are a super comfy accent to any outfit.