About Us

Jen + Rachel, creatives and girl bosses, believe artists are the thread that hold us together. Their mission is to support emerging makers and provide a space to thrive.

Formerly a drug store and soda fountain in the 50s, this spacious, historic space highlights original art and prints, apparel and accessories, jewelry, paper and home goods, ceramics and apothecary. Whether you’re looking for a birthday, baby shower, housewarming gift or last minute token of affection-this is the place to visit for unique and handmade goods.

Our customers visit from all over the metro area and discover items they wouldn’t find anywhere else. The art space hosts workshops, birthday parties, art openings and pop up events. There’s always something creative going on-including DIY crafting, painting, jewelry making or sewing.

Jen’s experience in the creative fields since 1992 include art direction, exhibit design, illustration, graphic design, volunteering with local arts organizations, teaching workshops and coordinating art events.

Jen Singh received a BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design (KCAD) in Grand Rapids, MI. Her journey as an artist began in freelance illustration, exhibit and graphic design and art direction. Her work has been shown in Atlanta, Austin, Raleigh, NC and Holland, MI.

She paints mixed media abstract landscapes that are built layer upon layer with drawing, color washes and botanical elements. Her animal totem collections are comprised of studying their vulnerability and our energy connections to living together on this earth. No matter what the subject, she likes to tell a story, sometimes conjuring a bit of nostalgia, and always sprinkled with a bit of magic. To see her work, visit jensingh.com

Rachel has a background in environmental science, but her creative side was always calling her. Maybe that’s why she took two ceramics courses as electives in college.

With a love for all things beautiful, she works with crystals and semi-precious gemstones to make empowering stretch bracelets. Crystal gemstones carry powerful energy, add to that the intention you set in them and they can be helpful for inspiration, healing and motivation.