Jen grew up in the Midwest, but has now lived more than half her life in the South-which she believes officially makes her a southern girl!

After graduating with a BFA in Illustration, ’91 from Kendall School of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI, she drove to Atlanta in her 86′ CRX where she found work as a trade show art director and balanced a freelance illustration career on the side. After almost two decades of creating for other people, Jen wanted to be the girl boss and paint what she wanted to paint.

Her subjects include the feminine wild, the quiet spirit of animals and nature themes. Jen’s paintings, whether in watercolor or acrylic mixed media, invoke a sense of magic coupled with ethereal, playful subjects. Layers of color, texture and free form mark making play hide and seek on her surfaces, creating excitement and variation. She embraces the asymmetrical, the perfectly imperfect, the unpredictability-all of which reflects the careful imbalance of life itself.