Mona and her husband Mike started off as a dynamic duo, selling concrete coasters locally at festivals and forming partnerships with one retail shop at a time. Eventually, they expanded their line of concrete wares to include trivets, salt cellars, spoon rests, cheeseboards, and more. Quickly outgrowing the in-house operation, they created a studio space to help create and operate on a larger scale.

Mike decided to reset and return to his original passion-designing and building furniture and Mona took over the concrete side of the biz. And thus a new meaning for MDC was born-Mona Does Concrete and Mike Does Carpentry. They continue to support each other and work as a team and are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other, but Mona has great pride in making executive decisions and being a #girlboss.

Touch of whimsical and a dash of industrial, MDC’s products are functional and made with heart. Each item is hand poured, stamped and decorated by hand, and polished and sealed with beeswax.