Peach Davis is originally from The Sunshine State, raised amongst the mango trees and ocean breeze of Miami. As fate would have it, she made The Peach State her home over 10 years ago. In seeking more freedom to express herself after college, she began exploring as many new things as she could. Baking, glass blowing, pottery, painting, felt-needling, woodworking, dancing, calligraphy, graphic design are just a few of the creative outlets she experimented with. Through her travel adventures with her husband and her time living in Ecuador, Peach finally found her home in watercolor. Inspired by the desert hues and peaceful elements in nature, the dabbling in various art forms has helped shape her skill and technique, culminating in her own unique style.

Her goal and passion is finding ways to bring the natural beauty that exists outside our homes, into the spaces we spend most of our hours in. Her paintings are created to remind you how beauty, joy, and sorrow and coexist in the delicate cycle of life.