From the time she was a small child, all Lindsay Mahaffey wanted to do was create. Whether it was making clothes out of paper or painting rocks to sell to the neighbors, using her imagination and any materials she could get her hands on is what brought the most joy. Lindsay grew up in Decatur, Ga and studied art at The College of Charleston, SC. During that time, she spent a summer abroad through UGA’s Art Program in Cortona, Italy as well as spending a semester studying art at her home town’s Agnes Scott College. She primarily focused on painting and printmaking, but working for a jewelry designer in Charleston led to her current career. Lindsay never set out to pursue jewelry design, but the endless supply of materials and the opportunity to combine a wide array of textures and colors had such a strong similarity to painting…and the ability to constantly come up with a new way of doing things is what always brings her back to this medium.

Lindsay loves the instant gratification of designing a piece of jewelry in a reasonable amount of time and knowing it will bring joy to the person who owns it. Creating is where her heart is.