ESH Body

Tasha Hussey is a Jamaican born designer, and mother of three, who made Atlanta, GA her home in Her label has shown her eco-conscious mindset and excellent craftsmanship through her past collection of natural fiber clothing. As well as her more recent jewelry collection of vintage repurposed and semiprecious jewelry. Her works have been featured in both Essence and Lucky magazine. Tasha’s passion for clean living and high production quality has pointed her to her newest endeavor, natural body care. The line was started as a homemade remedy for her youngest child, who suffered from severe eczema. Tasha Hussey Body was launched in 2013 and re-branded into Esh Collection in 2019.
The line is sold online (on and through her own site), in well supported black-owned subscription boxes (like Zaabox), in boutiques, and gift shops throughout the United States. The line boasts both men and women’s products, aromatherapy-based soaps, beard products, soaps containing locally grown loofahs, face care, body sprays, body butters, and sugar scrubs. The collection is plant based: mostly made up of shea butter, coconut oil, and various extracts that act as wonderful moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients.

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