Art Print – It’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World


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We’ve never met anyone who didn’t LOVE Dolly Parton!

Another one of our favorite quotes from Dolly Parton, by request from one of our customers — It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world. This art print is set in calligraphy script and printed on premium Reich Savoy cotton paper as a 5×7 print. It is available in “that” special turquoise blue (you know, evocative of that special and iconic jewelry box). Perfect in a farmhouse decor or in an ultra sleek modern setting, Dolly is adored by so many.

Ready to frame, ready to gift—make someone happy and become a permanent fixture in their home by way of totally making their day.

☞ Letterpress art print hand printed on a 100-year old press
☞ 1 color: soft turquoise blue
☞ Premium Reich Savoy 118# white cotton paper
☞ Finished size is 5×7″
☞ You are just buying a 5×7 print; there is no matte included. What you see pictured is what you will receive.

The nature of this printing process means that some cards may be marked by the occasional slight imperfection. This is not a flaw in the card, but indicative of the antique process.