Card – Motherhood: Eating Chocolate in a Closet


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The copy writes itself, really. Perfect for Mother’s Day, for new mothers, for mothers who just need a laugh… Ask any of them if you don’t automatically get this one. Alternately, they might answer that the shower is their choice! Don’t wait for Mother’s Day to send this one to any moms in your world. They will laugh then play innocent πŸ˜‰

We hand print all of our cards in house on an antique printing press on the finest cotton paper around using rubber-based inks and a lot of love for the artisan process.

☞ Letterpress motherhood card hand printed on a 100-year old press
☞ 2 colors: brown and pink
☞ Premium Savoy cotton paper
☞ Folded (finished) card size is 4.25 x 5.5″
☞ Blank inside
☞ Paired with hot pink envelope

The nature of this printing process means that some cards may be marked by the occasional slight imperfection. This is not a flaw in the card, but indicative of the antique process.