Card – WWVD? (What would Victoria do?)


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WWVD? (What would Victoria do?)

We’ve gotten more than a few chuckles from people with this one! Queen Victoria, of Great Britain, is best known for the longest reign of any other British monarch in history. She was also affectionately known as the Grandmother of Europe. So really, what would Victoria do?

This vintage image is paired with old-fashioned typewriter typography for a hilarious spin on “the medium is the message” — soft and subtle pink overprints over Queen Victoria’s crown to give a playful spin on an antique image. We printed this beauty with a 105+ antique printing press on cotton paper for a modern, yet completely retro, and tactile feel. We know you’ll love it, as will your intended recipient.

☞ Letterpress printed on a 100-year old press
☞ 2 colors: soft pale pink and black
☞ Premium Savoy cotton paper
☞ Folded (finished) card size is 4.25 x 5.5″
☞ Blank inside
☞ Comes with recycled kraft envelope