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Well that takes the cake

This vintage cake image is paired with old-fashioned typewriter typography for a hilarious spin on “the medium is the message” — soft and subtle pink overprints over the cake decor to give a playful spin on an antique image. We printed this beauty with a 105+ antique printing press on cotton paper for a modern, yet completely retro, and tactile feel. We know you’ll love it, as will your intended recipient. This message is multi-purpose: you can either indicate that something is awesome and deserves a prize, or that something is too much and “that’s it!”. Your choice!

☞ Letterpress card printed on a 100-year old press
☞ 2 colors: soft pale pink and black
☞ Premium Savoy cotton paper
☞ Folded (finished) card size is 4.25 x 5.5″
☞ Blank inside
☞ Comes with recycled kraft envelope

The nature of this printing process means that some cards may be marked by the occasional slight imperfection. This is not a flaw in the card, but indicative of the antique process.